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January 6th, 2016

December 2015 was the BEST time of the year for me. I got to do many things I wanted to do and have fun with some of the fellow Arashians.

Here is a quick highlight of the month.

1. ARASHI Tokyo Dome Japonism CONCERT!!!! How can anything else beat this? Photos will be posted later...after I dig myself out of my work.

2. Lunch at Keikarou!!! Sure it was a five hour wait but think about it. We ate what Aiba ate as a kid! and we even managed to speak to his mother!!! How cool is that? And of course how can we miss out on the souvenir pin? More pictures will follow.
2016-01-07 13.12.27

3. Meeting up with fellow Arashians!!! Friends that I have made during the Blast in Hawaii concert in 2014, friends that I thought will take me a long time to find the chance to meet again and if ever. Guess what? I managed to meet two of them in Tokyo! One of them is my concert buddy, Jenny, who helped to get the tickets and make the Arashi concert in Japan dream of ours a reality. With that I cannot say enough Thank Yous! The second is Grace and her daughter Tyler, who are willing to go crazy over Arashi despite the rolling eyes of her husband and my boyfriend. It was great spending time in Tokyo together and being on the same wavelength of having to take photos of posters and ads made me feel a lot less crazy. :)

4. Onsen, Disney, food, and new friends made!! Japan is always a wonderful place to me and there are always new things to explore and new places to visit. Each trip I made there made me want to go back again and stay longer. Okay...I think that of most places I visited but more so for Japan. :) Till next time...

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